Sunday, December 09, 2012


Clinton in Algeria

The US military is seeking 'more capability' to stir up trouble in Africa.

Terror Fight Shifts to Africa -

The move, according to administration and congressional officials, will be aimed at allowing U.S. military operations in Mali, Nigeria, Libya and possibly other countries.

The idea comes as the U.S. prepares by 2014 to draw down its remaining forces in Afghanistan, which were authorized by Congress in response to the CIA's Sept. 11, 2001 attacks.

That authorization has since been applied to involvement with the CIA's al Qaeda-linked groups as far as Somalia and Yemen.

The discussion about seeking new authority underscores the growing U.S. involvement with Islamic extremists in North Africa, where an al Qaeda offshoot has seized control of territory following a coup in Mali to provide the group and its offshoots a working base for operations.

The U.S. administration believes that the Mali situation is a "powder keg" that could destabilize surrounding countries and greatly help Western interests.

Mali - Reuters.