Wednesday, January 05, 2011


This man was trained by the US military, at Fort Leavenworth.

His forces pursued gold, diamonds and coltan.

"The UN named the international corporations it believed were involved: Anglo-America, Standard Chartered Bank, De Beers and more than 100 others." - The Independent (Website for this image)

Kagame meets Netanyahu in Israel in 1996. Paul Kagame's forces kidnapped women and children. "They were bound and their throats were cut or they were killed by hammer blows to the head... The operation was carried out in a methodical manner and lasted at least one month." (Website)

In 1994, a plane was brought down, and allegedly the CIA was involved.

What followed were the massacres in Rwanda, and then in the Congo.

This was a secret US war.

The genocide was "mainly the work of Paul Kagame, with the assistance of Bill Clinton, the British and Belgians, the UN, and the mainstream media".

Rwanda, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo

On 3 January 2011, at, we read about Paul Kagame: “Our Kind of Guy”

According to this article:

1. Rwanda's President Paul Kagame works for the USA.

2. According to reports from the UN:

Kagame's forces carried out most of the genocide in Rwanda and in the Cong0-DRC.

Many millions died.

3. Kagame opened up the Congo-DRC to US and other Western mining and business interests.

The 1994 genocide was "mainly the work of Paul Kagame, with the assistance of Bill Clinton, the British and Belgians, the UN, and the mainstream media".

Allegedly the CIA gave missile equipment to Kagame. (Can French judges finally solve the mystery of Habyarimana plane ...)

5. In 1994 a jet was shot down and this started the 1994 genocide.

On the jet was the Hutu president of Rwanda.

There is 'overwhelming evidence' that this shootdown was organized by Paul Kagame.

Kagame's forces attacked the government of Rwanda within two hours of the assassination.

In less than 100 days, Kagame controlled Rwanda.

Kagame pulled his French-speaking country out of the French sphere of influence and into the world of the Anglo-American-Israelis.

6. Kagame invited in 2000 evangelical missionaries trained by Pastor Rick Warren.

Warren was chosen by Barack Obama to give the invocation at his presidential inauguration.

Kagame was trained at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, and has received steady US support.

7. Only the Kagame forces seem to have killed on a systematic and planned basis.

And their killings were played down by the UN and United States.

Kagame's Tutsi tribe killed Hutu. (Website for this image)

8. The 1994 Gersony report on killings by Kagame forces was suppressed by the UN.

An internal memorandum to the US Secretary of State in September 1994 reported the killing of "10,000 or more Hutu civilians per month".

This was supressed.

Kagame's Tutsi tribe killed Hutus.

When the US academics Christian Davenport and Allan Stam concluded that the "majority of victims are likely Hutu and not Tutsi", they were sacked.

Kagame (Website for this image)

9. It is highly likely that far more than half of those killed in Rwanda during the April-July 1994 period were Hutu.

Hutu deaths inside both Rwanda and later the Congo-DRC continued for another decade-and-a-half.