Saturday, January 30, 2010

Zimbabwe's 1.3 Million AIDS Orphans; Haiti and AIDS

Photo of Haiti from John Carroll's Posts

Zimbabwe reportedly has 1.3 million AIDS orphans.

Where did AIDS come from?

Haiti, and the Dominican Republic, have long been destinations for Americans, and Europeans, involved in child abuse.

For Congressmen, or European Commissioners, who like young black boys, Port au Prince is an ideal destination.

(The John Duarte Case / The Douglas Perlitz Case / White pedophiles from abroad participating in sexually abusing forsaken, abused and already much exploited Haitian street children: On the Street by Tim Collie/ Haitian children sold as cheap labourers and prostitutes for ...)

Reportedly, Haiti was where the CIA tested the AIDS virus.

Reportedly (Cached), the US Navy "had an experimental medical station down in Haiti.

"They were down there because there was a huge pool of very poor locals they could use as subjects in tests.

"He said that they were developing something that would lower a person’s resistance to the point where a common cold would put them out of action for weeks."

Live From Haiti.

From 'AIDS and the Doctors of Death' Alan Cantwell MD, 1988 (Research On AIDS In Haiti):

"U.S. scientists heavily promoted the theory that AIDS was brought to America by affluent, young promiscuous gays from Manhattan, who regularly traveled to Port-au-Prince and Carrefours where it was cheap and easy to have sex with Haitian men...

"The public was repeatedly informed that the 'gay plague' was brought to America by Manhattan gays sodomized in Haiti...

"Some Haitians use epidemiologic data to suggest that Manhattan gays brought the disease to Haiti...

"(There is a) theory which accuses the CIA of conducting secret biological experiments on male and female prostitutes in Carrefour.

"Proponents of this theory insist that prostitutes were deliberately injected with viruses during routine injections of antibiotics for sexually-transmitted diseases.

"The theory seems so bizarre, and yet there are statistical and epidemiologic peculiarities of Haitian AIDS that could be compatible with covert human experimentation...

"Something obviously happened in Haiti around the late 1970s to account for the outbreak of AIDS."


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