Saturday, March 07, 2009

USAID and Tsvangirai

Reportedly, Morgan Tsvangirai, the Zimbabwean prime minister, was injured after the car he was travelling in collided with a US aid lorry. (Morgan Tsvangirai's wife 'killed by US aid truck' )

State media in Zimbabwe reported that the lorry involved in the incident belonged to the US government aid organisation, USAID.

Reportedly, USAID has worked closely with the CIA. (Challenge: The Breaking of Prime Ministers / Venezuelafoia)

Reportedly, Mugabe is kept in power by Mossad. (Zimbabwe opposition accuses Mossad of helping Mugabe ... / Zimbabwe’s misery prolonged by two unlikely partners)


David Rothscum provides some extra information:

Two days before the assassin er... accident, Tsvangirai came out opposing the US sanctions that he earlier supported:

President Barack Obama has extended for another year U.S. sanctions that target Zimbabwe's president and others linked to him, saying some people are continuing to undermine the country's democratic processes.

The White House issued the notice on Wednesday, the same day that Zimbabwe's former opposition leader called for an end to political oppression and police violence in his first parliamentary address as prime minister...

The U.S. has said it could not support a power-sharing deal that left Mugabe as president.

Obama extends Zimbabwe sanctions for 1 year - Morgan Tsvangirai ...

A USAID employee was released a month before this happened, after having been accused of trying to murder Zimbabwe's Air Commander.

Frank Muchirahondo, the USAID employee who was arrested last month on allegations of attempting to assassinate the Commander of the Air Force, Air Marshall Perence Shiri, was freed this week after a Bindura magistrate refused to place him on further remand. Zimbabwe: NCA Spokesperson Arrested


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