Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Mining company Anglo American acting like Nazis?

Mining company Anglo American 'has forced nearly 20,000 South Africans off their land'. (Mining forces out thousands in SA)

Villagers who have resisted being forced off their land claim that they have been shot at.

Reportedly, Anglo American has polluted local water sources with cancer causing chemicals and 'scores of miners have been killed'. (BBC File on 4 investigation - Mining forces out thousands in SA)

Around 20 people a year are killed while working in the local platinum mines.

The charity ActionAid, on 25 March 2008, reports that in South Africa, as a result of mining by Anglo Platinum, the world’s largest platinum company:

1. rural communities have lost their farmland

2. they have lost access to clean water

3. they have suffered increased hunger and poverty.

Anglo Platinum is majority owned by mining giant Anglo American which made a profit of approx US$1.75bn last year. Anglo Platinum spent less than 1% of its profits on community development.


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