Monday, November 26, 2007

Darfur and Zimbabwe

"Israeli/American interest and plans interlink in Darfur, to establish an independent State in western Sudan, under the leadership of the Az-Ghawi tribe that leads the insurgency in the province, besides establishing a technologically advanced military base under common American-British-Israeli observance, the purpose of which is to control security status, and political interactions in Egypt, Sudan, Libya, African states and the Red Sea. It also aims at protecting the oil pipeline that the U.S. is conducting negotiations to build, which shall be extending from Iraq, the Gulf States, to the Red Sea then to the Darfur province through Libya and Morocco to the Atlantic Ocean." - Israel in Darfur and Arab National Security

"Cabinet ministers in Zimbabwe were involved with a spirit medium who claimed there was diesel gushing out of Chinhoyi rural rocks... '(Mugabe) said the Government was forced to send a taskforce comprising Cabinet ministers and senior Government officials to verify claims that diesel was oozing out of rocks at Maningwa Hills in Chinhoyi.'" - With witchcraft all is darkness"

A crack unit of Israeli intelligence officers is in the country to beef up President Robert Mugabe's security and intelligence system in the wake of controversial revelations by a British general that London at one point discussed the invasion of the crisis-torn country to topple the veteran ruler." - Invasion threat prompts Bob to beef up security



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