Thursday, May 17, 2007

Spies in Africa

Port de Gabès à marée basse, Tunisia. Collection personnelle Bertrand Bouret

"According to the author, the University uprisings in the early 90’s and the targeted killings of some prestigious Cameroonians as from 1988 was France’s response to Biya’s change of loyalty...

"He also explains in greater details why France wanted not only to destabilise Cameroon, but also wanted to eliminate Paul Biya physically, all these with the active or passive complicities of some members of government and the very secret services created by Biya for his personal protection...

"He also gives the reasons why after resorting to Israeli/American help or protection, Biya decided to seek France’s protection and support again."

"Back in January (2007), Tunisian security forces fought bloody gun battles with terrorists in suburbs outside the capital of Tunis, foiling a plot to attack the American and British embassies..."



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