Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Did Jewish Diamond Merchants, Israeli Arm Smugglers and Jewish/Russian Mobsters Finance Al Qaeda?

Did Jewish Diamond Merchants, Israeli Arm Smugglers and Jewish ...

Did Jewish Diamond Merchants, Israeli Arm Smugglers and Jewish/Russian Mobsters Finance Al Qaeda?

December 29, 2002 Author: Various

The world diamond trade is a virtual monopoly controlled by DeBeers--the Oppenheimer family--and Lev Leviev--an Israeli citizen from Russia.

50% of all diamond rough is cut in Israel. Jewish cutters and dealers, in large part, control the Belgium diamond industry. Orthodox Jews run the business in NYC.

Yet, somehow, Al Qaeda (Al CIA-da) was able to penetrate this market. Over a year ago, the Washington Post reported that Al Qaeda was in the diamond business.


Web exclusive 11/12/01 Dirty diamonds By Michael Barone US

What do Jesse Jackson, Pat Robertson, and al Qaeda have in common?

The answer is: They all have been associated with the bloody Liberian dictator Charles Taylor.

Jackson first met Taylor in 1998, in what was billed as a friendly meeting, and in November 1998 called for the Sierra Leone government to "reach out to these RUF in the bush battlefield." Pat Robertson's tie to Charles Taylor is based on a financial connection. In 1999 Robertson's Freedom Gold company signed a deal to mine an area in southeastern Liberia . . .


UN Security Report:

Awhole network of Israelis was established, including Mr. Gertler in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Lev Leviev in Angola and Shmuel Shnitzer in Sierra Leone. In all three cases, the pattern is the same. Conflict diamonds are exchanged for money, weapons and military training. These diamonds are then transported to Tel Aviv by former Israeli Air Force pilots, whose numbers have significantly increased both in UNITA-held territory in Angola and in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In Israel, these diamonds are then cut and sold at the Ramat Gan Diamond Centre. . .more



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